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Lata K. McGinn, PhD

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Lata K. McGinn, PhD is a clinical psychologist, is co-founder of Cognitive and Behavioral Consultants (CBC), an evidence-based treatment and training center and is a tenured Professor of Psychology and Director of the CBT training program at the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University. She specializes in the vulnerability, prevention, treatment, and dissemination of stress, anxiety, trauma, OCD, depression, and related disorders using cognitive and behavioral therapies (CBT). Dr. McGinn treats adults and adolescents in her practice, teaches and supervises graduate and post-graduate trainees, conducts research and authors books and articles, conducts lectures and workshops worldwide to both lay and professional audiences, and consults to schools, agencies, businesses, and other organizations. Her extensive publications span peer-reviewed journal articles, chapters, and her co-authored books, “Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder” and, “Treatment Plans and Interventions for Depression and Anxiety Disorders.” Her expertise has also been highlighted by various media outlets including NBC, Huffington Post, USA Today, Elite Daily, Parents, Shape, Bustle and others.

Dr. McGinn is the associate editor of the peer-reviewed journal Cognitive Therapy and Research, serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Cognitive Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Practice, and is on the advisory board of the Journal of Cognitive Behavior Psychotherapy. In recognition of her achievements in the field of CBT, Dr. McGinn has earned the title of Beck Scholar and was appointed a Fellow of the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Psychotherapies (ABCT). She won the Outstanding Service to ABCT award in 2020 and was awarded a certificate of appreciation by ABCT in recognition of her professional contributions to disseminating trauma prevention interventions on a Trauma Taskforce following September 11, 2001.

Dr. McGinn is a founding fellow, certified consultant-trainer, and past-president of the Academy of CBT (A-CBT). She is also past-president of the International Association of CBT (IACBT) and continues to serve on the Board of Directors. She has also previously served on ABCT’s Board of Directors and is currently Chair of ABCT’s International Associates Committee. Dr. McGinn is a founding fellow of the New York CBT (NYC-CBT) association, helped found the Indian Association of CBT (IACBT) and serves as its honorary president. In 2019, Dr. McGinn spearheaded an initiative to form the global humanitarian organization World Confederation of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (WCCBT) and now serves on its Board. Dr. McGinn is vice-president of the Access Psychology Foundation, which she co-founded in 2021. The mission of the Access Psychology Foundation is to improve behavioral health disparities for racially diverse and underserved populations by increasing access to evidence-based prevention, treatment, training, and education.