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Sponsorship Opportunities

At the Access Psychology Foundation (APF), we believe that everyone has the right to receive high-quality, evidence-based mental health treatment regardless of race, ethnicity, or cultural background. Our work brings mental health and wellness services to underserved communities by using a three-fold approach of (1) training a network of diverse therapists, (2) working with schools and organizations that serve minority populations, and (3) treating individuals and families from communities of color.

APF is delighted to provide the following opportunities to philanthropic partners who wish to direct their gifts of $2,000 or more to a particular activity that resonates with their philanthropic goals. All sponsors will be recognized in our print and digital publications, and on our website and social media. Sponsors may also choose to remain anonymous. Sponsorship opportunities can bear your name on our marketing materials. The following are annual and multi-year giving opportunities that can be paid in full or pledged to pay over time. We would love to discuss your interest in directing giving. The following are examples of the types of sponsorship opportunities:

Founder’s Circle – $50,000+

Become an early supporter of the Access Psychology Foundation and have a transformative impact on an organization that will change the lives of so many. Your gift ensures that mental health and wellness programs designed specifically for underserved communities:

  • are available to all who need them;
  • improve social-emotional learning outcomes in schools serving under-resourced neighborhoods; and
  • make certain the next generation of therapists are diverse, trained in evidence-based therapies, and prepared to disseminate their expertise nationally.

Membership in the Founder’s Circle is open to individuals, businesses, corporations, foundations, organizations, and other friends of Access Psychology Foundation who make a contribution of $50,000 or more.

Founder’s Circle Membership Benefits:

  • Member of the Access Psychology Foundation Leadership Roundtable
  • Annual invitation to Leadership Roundtable Luncheon hosted by APF Executive Director and Board President
  • Prominent recognition in selected marketing collaterals, including on the APF website
  • Invitation to and recognition at all Access Psychology Foundation events
  • Use of the state-of-the-art Cognitive & Behavioral Consultants (CBC) Training Center in White Plains, NY for receptions based on availability – 1 per year
  • Opportunity to exclusively co-brand with the APF

School Sponsor – $40,000

Underwrite the cost of ongoing training and consultations to a school from an under-resourced community that changes the lives of their students and families as well as the school staff. APF offers grants to schools and organizations who educate and work with traditionally underserved communities or with diverse students and clientele to provide:

  • Training for school staff in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to help all students, ranging from building resilience for all students to providing more intensive interventions to students in need.
  • Workshops and seminars for organizations and companies to reduce stress, burnout, build resilience, optimize work performance, and to improve work-life balance.

Nationally, school psychologists are overwhelmed as each is responsible for, on average, 1200 students. With rates of student anxiety and depression skyrocketing post-COVID, it is imperative that we equip schools and their staff with the tools necessary to support their community.

Your school sponsorship has a multiplier effect that positively impacts the lives of many.

School Sponsor Benefits:

  • Quarterly updates on school training program and impact
  • Testimonials from school leadership
  • School tour
  • Invitation to and recognition at all Access Psychology Foundation Events

Access Advocate – $25,000

Become an Access Advocate and have a profound impact in the life of an individual seeking mental health therapy. With you generous contribution of $25,000, you will directly cover the average cost of care for one person receiving a year’s worth of individual therapy, offering them potentially life-saving support and guidance. 

As an Access Advocate, you will play a crucial role in ensuring that mental health services are accessible to those most in need, while supporting the growth and impact of the Access Psychology Foundation. 

Access Advocate Sponsor Benefits:

  • Prominent recognition in select marketing materials, including the APF website and quarterly newsletter
  • Invitation to and recognition during APF events
  • Exclusive co-branding opportunities with APF
  • Donor Spotlight feature in APF quarterly newsletter
By becoming an Access Advocate, you contribute directly to the well-being and resilience of individuals in need of care, ensuring that they receive the essential support required to move along their mental health journey. Together, we can empower communities, reduce stigma, and create a positive impact that will benefit generations. Help us transform lives, one therapy session at a time. 

Fellowship Sponsor – $10,000

Support a one-year postgraduate fellowship or psychology internship program for clinicians in training from an underrepresented population at Cognitive & Behavioral Consultants (CBC) in White Plains, NY and Manhattan, NY. The Access Psychology Foundation offers generous grants for two distinct full-time, year-long training programs for applicants from historically underrepresented populations:

  1. a postgraduate fellowship training program for psychology fellows or social work fellows, and
  2. a combined school-clinical psychology internship training program.

A select group of highly skilled clinicians, educators and researchers who specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) provide intensive training, including weekly seminars, weekly individual, dyadic and group supervision, and a lecture series, including lectures on bias and cultural sensitivity, with nationally and internationally renowned speakers.

With your support, APF will develop the next generation of therapists, who are diverse, trained in evidence-based therapies, and prepared to disseminate their expertise in underserved communities across the country.

Fellowship Sponsor Benefits:

  • Opportunity to meet your sponsored Fellow
  • End-of-year fellowship or internship update from your sponsored Fellow
  • Invitation to select Access Psychology Foundation events
  • Recognition in selected marketing collaterals

Externship Sponsor – $5,000

Provide direct financial support to a doctoral student from an underrepresented community for a one-year intensive training experience. The APF Externship is an essential component of our mission to develop a national network of diverse mental health professionals.

The Access Psychology Foundation offers a generous stipend for a year-long pre-doctoral externship program. APF Externs are 3rd and 4th year doctoral students from diverse backgrounds who spend half their week at a clinical placement while also taking courses at their graduate school. These Externs have an outstanding opportunity to receive training and supervision from Cognitive & Behavioral Consultants (CBC) in comprehensive CBT and DBT for a broad range of disorders with children, adolescents, and adults, and experience working with individual clients, groups, couples, and families. CBC offers specialized training in many evidence-based treatments by certified trainers, many of whom are nationally and internationally known.

Externship Sponsor Benefits:

  • End-of-year update from scholarship recipientEnd-of-year update from scholarship recipient

Intensive Training Sponsor – $2,000

Support licensed mental health professionals and students from historically underrepresented populations in accessing continuing education opportunities in the most cutting-edge evidence-based therapies for mental disorders. Our intensive training workshops have been updated to address navigating mental health in the post-pandemic world.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought on a mental health tsunami. Over the past two years, therapists have seen new and heightened mental health challenges surrounding social isolation, the increased use of technology and disruptions to daily routines. To address these issues, APF has partnered with CBC to offer five-day intensive training workshops to help mental health professionals and students deepen and build their skills in cognitive and behavioral therapies (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). These workshops will provide comprehensive training for all experience levels – whether beginner or advanced – in evidence-based techniques and strategies for mental health professionals to meet the increased mental health needs in the community today, as well as teach skills to engage clients using telehealth platforms.

By sponsoring the continuing education of diverse mental health caregivers, you are ensuring that evidence-based therapies designed specifically for communities of color are available to all who need it.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about our partnership opportunities, please contact APF’s Executive Director, Damian Travier at or (914) 810-0183.