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Access to mental health treatment and training for all

We support historically underserved communities along their mental well-being journeys.


Increase access to proven, successful mental health interventions for underserved, racially diverse populations by directly providing treatment scholarships and by growing and diversifying the provider community trained in these interventions.


We value diversity, inclusion, teamwork, empathy, respect for others, integrity, accountability, growth and development, dedication to science and data, and excellence.

of psychologists in the US are Black.
Global rates of depression and anxiety have increased 20% and 25% respectively since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
of psychologists in the US are Hispanic.
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Despite the need, only one in three Black adults seeking mental health care receives it.

We are not just creating space for more psychologists of color to enter the field.
We are setting them up to thrive.

Our programs are designed specifically for communities of color and are accessible to all who can benefit.


To increase the number of mental health professionals from underrepresented populations who are trained in evidence-based treatments. The ability to access mental health services from a licensed professional who comes from a similar background can be life-changing.


APF offers a range of discounted services in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for people of all ages and for most presenting problems and psychological disorders.


To increase the number of therapists from underrepresented populations, APF hosts summer and semester internship programs for undergraduate college and high school students of color. APF’s goal is to inspire interest and build commitment toward a career in psychology.

What We Do

How we reduce mental health barriers in underserved communities

A commitment toward increasing inclusion, equity, and diversity within the field of psychology, provided through recruitment and training of a diverse provider base, and treating racially varied individuals and communities. We are dedicated to building and supporting a thriving network of racially diverse clients, students, and professionals, no matter where they are on their personal or professional journeys.

Mental health is our mission.

Wherever you are along your unique journey of giving or receiving help in the field, we are dedicated to supporting and building a strong and diverse network with you.