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Psych Mic: Access Psychology Foundation: Increasing access to psychology for underrepresented communities with Dr. Alec Miller and Damian Travier on Apple Podcasts


Access Psychology Foundation is a nonprofit that works to increase inclusion, equity, and diversity in the field of mental health by providing historically underrepresented communities with access to evidence-based prevention and treatment, and by training the next generation of racially diverse mental health providers.

APF offers scholarships and grants to high school students, college students, graduate students, licensed professionals, schools, and organizations from historically underrepresented communities to help them:

  1. gain exposure to the field of evidence-based clinical psychology
  2. access high quality training and consultation in evidence-based treatments, and
  3. access high quality training in working with clients of diverse backgrounds.

APF also offers scholarships and grants to people from historically underrepresented populations so they can obtain quality, evidence-based mental health treatment. Evidence-based treatments are those subjected to rigorous research trials demonstrating their effectiveness.

This episode is a conversation with APF co-founder, Alec Miller, PsyD, and APF Executive Director, Damian Travier.


  • The APF website is still under construction, but to find out more information about the opportunities discussed, you can reach out to Damian Travier at   and mention that Psych Mic sent you!
  • Listen to the Psych Mic interview with Dr. Alec Miller to learn about his career path in clinical psychology here.

We cover:

  • How APF was founded.
  • Why this nonprofit is so needed.
  • The nature of the mental health crisis in communities of color.
  • How APF is working to address the racial gap in mental health treatment and training
  • and how you can get involved.

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